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Why is proactive monitoring important in your medical environment?

If you have experienced non-scheduled downtime, you already know the importance of having a fully functional environment. Knowing about problems as soon as they happen gives you time to react before you start to disappoint patients and staff, impact patient care, and affect revenue. Maintaining uptime is complex. To the end user, it does not matter if the EMR application is down, the VPN connection is down, the wireless connection is down, or the network scanner used to scan patient driver licenses is down. Down is down!

What does down time cost ?

A whitepaper written in February 2011, by Mark Anderson of the AC Group, entitled “The Costs and Implications of EHR System Downtime on Physician Practices” suggests the following:

  • The median cost of downtime across all practice sizes and specialties is $488 per hour, per physician. Statistics are based on a 5-day, 50-hour/week practice. Downtime is 3.37 times higher for a 24/7 practice.
  • For every minute of EHR downtime, the average practice spends 2.15 minutes performing tasks manually, in addition to the time required to update records once the system is back online.

Several “cost of downtime” calculators can be found via an Internet search.


Golden West

The cost of downtime reaches far beyond the financial implications. Consider patient care, patient satisfaction, and in some cases the risk and penalties associated with unscheduled outages. IT proactive monitoring solutions have been around for years, but are implemented to monitor issues most often associated with traditional IT. Medical Monitoring Company fills the gap between traditional monitoring, and the specialized monitoring needed for clinical devices, clinical applications, and IT resources that support your clinical environment.